14 Apr

Cancellation Bargain – Chantilly – 14 to 21 June 2019

Another cancellation bargain !!! Due to a very unfortunate circumstance we have had a cancellation of one of our most popular yachts in peak season. We would really like to resell this week so we can offer the original client his money back. Its our Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43 – ‘Chantilly’ 10 berth yacht for the week 14th – 21st June – we must have turned away dozens of enquiries for this boat in this week. To enquire please telephone 01631 565630 or Email us.

17 Mar

Oceanlord refurb. almost complete !!

Over the winter we decided to refurbish Oceanlord. Every single panel of the interior headlining has been removed – the insides of the hull sanded flat, every panel replaced and reupholstered and refitted. Whilst she was disassembled we replaced most of the wiring and updated the lighting to modern LED lighting. Every hatch and window was removed and either refurbished or replaced and then re-bedded to ensure a leak free boat before reinstalling all the new panels and new fabric upholstery.  If you have booked a week on Oceanlord this year we are sure you will be absolutely delighted with her. If you haven’t booked a week yet then there are one or two early and late season weeks still available.



15 Sep

Oban Transit Marina

The new transit Marina in Oban Bay is now open for business – a great place to stop off for a spot of shopping or a meal ashore. It also makesd an ideal place to stop the night before returning here as its just a short hop away. Full details here.

14 Jan

An unusual request ???

We completed one of our more unusual requests today! There is a prototype tidal power electricity generating platform being tested in the Falls of Lora and we were asked to make guard wires and safety lines for it to prevent visitors falling in the drink. The quote was submitted on Weds, order placed for all the swaged fittings on Thursday – parts arrived Friday (Big Thank You to the boys at Sta-Lok rigging!) – Tim and I made all the parts on Friday from our detailed measurements and on Saturday we fitted all the wires. We were VERY pleased that every wire was the right length – first time ! It looks great and we were very pleased to be able to help out the company behind the project – the whole setup will eventually be dismantled after testing and shipped out to South East Asia where it will be permanently installed. More information about this interesting project is here.


06 Nov

YouTube Video

I have shared a video (that I really made for fun !) with a few friends, and they have all said I should show it to a wider audience! So here you are !