Rigging Services


We have invested in a brand new wire swaging machine from Wireteknik in Sweden – the world’s largest manufacturer of top quality swaging machines.

This means that we are now able to measure and make new standing rigging for ourselves and our customers here in our own workshops at Oban.

We can now swage stainless steel terminals onto stainless steel wire from threaded eyes onto 4mm guard wires – either plastic coated or plain stainless – right up to 12mm for standing rigging for the largest boats.

We only used wire and fittings from Sta-Lok – this is to ensure that the rigging we make for you is of the highest possible quality. Sta-Lok have been making stainless steel fittings and wire here in the UK for 45 years. We could probably buy a little bit cheaper from the Far East but we are satisfied that we could not achieve better value for money or a higher quality – and we want to support our local economy!!.  When you are out on your boat and get caught out by an accidental gybe you will be glad you chose Sta-Lok, the forces on the standing rigging even under normal sailing conditions are immense.

Our ‘Master Rigger’ – Tim Aitkenhead has been using Sta-Lok equipment and Wireteknik machines since he was a lad (which is a very long time!) and he is on hand to provide free, helpful advice as well as personally making the rigging for you.



If you would like to see how the machine works watch this brief video.



It is recommended that all standing rigging is replaced every 10 years – stainless wire gives no warning that it is starting to deteriorate – it just snaps!!! So why take the risk – call us for a quote – you might be pleasantly surprised! Also check the small print in your yachts insurance – replacing the standing rigging every 10 years might well be a pre-requisite of your insurers. The standing rigging on all 12 of our charter boats is changed every 10 years – no arguments!

We are very happy to supply you with anything from a single maiden gate wire to a full re-rig. We can email you a form to complete with the approximate lengths and types of fittings to enable us to give you a ball park figure or we will happily travel to your boat and do the measuring for you and provide you with an accurate fixed quote. We can either leave the new rigging for you or your boatyard to fit or we can fit it for you.  You can download the Sta-Lok catalogue at the bottom of this page- it will help you identify the fittings you need.

We are also very happy to supply architects, landscapers and end users with wires and fittings for balustrades, decking surrounds etc.

We have always supplied rope for running rigging and spliced hard and soft eyes etc – if you order your running rigging at the same time as your standing rigging we will do all the splicing free of charge and discount the price of the rope by 10%. All the rope we sell is made in the UK – again supporting our local economy. Our well stocked chandlery also carries a great stock of blocks, clutches and general chandlery.

At Alba Sailing we have worked very hard to achieve our reputation for quality service and value for money and we will carry this tradition through this new venture. There a very few places on the West Coast of Scotland or anywhere near it that can provide this service and Tim and I look forward to being of assistance to you.

Download the Sta-Lok catalogue here.

For all rigging enquiries please email rigging@alba-sailing.co.uk or call 01631 565630 and speak to Tim or David.