03 Jul

Air – Bridges

The air-bridges between the UK and other countries have been announced – see here. The Scottish government have now agreed to the list with the exception of Spain and Serbia.


03 Jul


We don’t usually post our availability on our website but since there has been an enormous uplift in UK holiday enquiries its probably simpler to advertise what weeks we have available for the near future.

Where the week says ‘maybe‘ available – we will not know for sure until the ‘air corridors’ are announced and whether or not the Scottish Government agrees with the plans. We will operate a strict first come first served waiting list for these weeks.

To book please email charter@alba-sailing.co.uk 

Shadowfaxmaybe available for a week from 24th July

Pollyannamaybe available for a week from 5th and 12th August

Chantilly – is available for a week from 15th August and 20th September and maybe for a week from 25th July and 1st August

Explorer of Sleat – is available for a week from 18th July or 13th or 20th September

Eloise – is available for a week from 1st, 8th or 15th August or 20th September

Ocean Lord – is available for a week from 18th or 25th July or 15th August

Clear Blue – is available for a week from 19th or 26th July

Miss Victoria – is available for a week from 12th July, a week (or 10 days) commencing Sunday 16th August, and a week from 6th or 13th September

Flyer – is available commencing Sunday 12th July

Raphy G – is available for a week from 27th August

To book please email charter@alba-sailing.co.uk 


03 Jul

Information about destinations

We are now starting to receive information from destinations about how they are dealing with visitors.

The FaceBook page of the ASYC (Association of Scottish Yacht Charterers) is the central resource and you can find it here.

I expect that this will be updated very frequently over the next few days and weeks so please check back regularly.

30 Jun

We are Good to Go !!!

We have been signed off by the Scottish Government as ‘Good to Go’ – we look forward to seeing our customers again !!!

23 Jun

Chandlery and office re-opening 1st July !!!

Our Chandlery will be re-opening on Wednesday 1st July.  1000hrs to 1500hrs daily. There will be a table at the front door to prevent access – we will offer full service – you tell us what you need and we get it for you. IE you will not be able to browse just yet. Shop local – we will be VERY glad to see you! We will be gloved and masked and any items handled but not purchased will be disinfected before being returned to stock. Payment can be made by card or cash. 

The phone system has been on divert to my mobile 24/7 for the last 3 months and from the 1st July it will revert to the office and will only be manned from 1000hrs to 1500hrs – you will be able to leave a message outside these hours. Email is still our preferred method of communication.

20 Jun

Coronavirus update 22nd June 2020

We are expecting to hear more information from the First Minister – Nicola Sturgeon – on the 9th July regarding the exit from lockdown route map, effective from the 15th July.

We are hoping for greater clarity regarding this document.


22 Jan

Sail Scotland 360º videos

‘Sail Scotland’ has released some stunning 360º videos – showcasing the very best of sailing in Scotland. If you have sailed here before you will enjoy reminiscing. If you haven’t sailed here before you will want to !  The St Kilda one and the Staffa ones are particularly good. If you need a yacht for 2020 don’t hang about – peak season is virtually fully booked.


15 Jan

2020 Tide times

The 2020 tide times for the whole of the year are now on the Download page of our website. The High water times for Dover are also listed along with Bell Graphs for Oban to help with your ‘armchair’ route planning. The only thing you don’t know is the weather forecast ! 😉