Simple Instructions for completing electronic forms from Alba Sailing

1. Download the file you require from the download page of of our website.

The download page is

Right click on the item you want to save and choose ‘Save link as’ Choose a suitable place such as your desktop and left click on ‘Save’

2. If we emailed the file to you then right click on the attachment and proceed as above.

3. You now have the file on your machine.

4. Double click the file to open it.

5. You should see a green or purple banner across the top of the screen – click the box at the right side of the banner ‘Highlight Existing Fields’

6. Click on any highlighted box and type the required information into it.

7. Complete all highlighted boxes – they are all ‘free text’ so you can type anything into any box

8. When you have completed all the boxes click on ‘File’ at the top left corner of Adobe Reader and choose ‘Save As’ – select a suitable location such as ‘Desktop’ and click ‘Save’

9. You should now have a saved version of the completed form on your desktop which you can email back to us as an attachment.

10.If all else fails – you can print the form out, write in the boxes and post it to us!!

NB – if you dont have Adobe Reader on your machine you can download it for free from various sources on the internet – its a very useful programme.

If you are using an iPad or other Apple product the above will not work.